About me

I am a Chilean biologist and one of my greatest interests is evolutionary biology in the broad sense. Specifically, I have conducted research projects in phylogenetics, phylogeography and population genetics. My professional experience includes scientific work, both in the laboratory and in the field, performed on a broad diversity of organisms like animals (amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals), plants, and even bacteria and viruses.

I recently made use of ancient DNA methods and next-generation sequencing in order to estimate the phylogeography, population structure and hybridization events in the past history of mammals like horses, cave bears and wolverines. Additionally, I am collaborating in projects which aim to enhance the obtainment of degraded DNA from ancient bones and museum specimens.

I coordinated and taught courses in Chile and Germany in the fields of Evolutionary Biology, Zoology, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Biology and Histology.