PhD Students

2010–2013 Harun Rashid (Bangladesh)
Rhizobium etli biovar viciae is the main nodule forming bacteria for lentil in Bangladesh

2009–2013 Tin Nwe Latt (Myanmar)
Phylogeny of Cranes (Aves: Gruiformes) and Bustards (Otididae, Aves: Gruiformes)

2009–2013 Tayebeh Arbabi (Iran)
Phylogeography and phylogeny of Acrocephalus

2008–2011 Philipp Kremer (Germany)
Phylogeography and phylogeny of Canarian birds

2008–2013 Alexandre Fernandes (Brazil)
Phylogeography and phylogeny of Glyphorhynchus

2004–2007 Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Aziz El-Sayed (Egypt)
Phylogenetic relationships of diurnal raptors based on nucleotide sequences of cytochrome b and RAG-1 genes

Graduate Students

2013 Susanna Mieck (Germany)
Phylogeny of Falco species based on mitochondrial nucleotide sequences

2009 Lisa Jakobi (Germany)
Molecular phylogeny of Accipitridae based on mitochondrial and nuclear genes

Undergraduate Students

2017 Lisa Trautmann (Germany)
Isolation and sequencing of DNA from museum specimens treated with polyethylene glycol

2013 Natalya Demir (Ukraine)
Phylogeny of the Anseriformes based on cytochrome b sequences

2007–2008 Melanie Siow (Malaysia)
Phylogenetic relationships of Cape Verde Sparrow (Passer iagoensis)

2007 Carola Berger (Germany)
Phylogeny of endemic Canarian pigeons

2007 Katharina Schmidt (Germany)
Molecular techniques in phylogenetic analysis

2005 Barmak Mostofian (Germany)
Phylogeny of birds and mammals using complete mitochondrial DNA